Mayorlection Watch: Mtown Press Endorses Giuliano, WesDems Dan Drew

So it continues, two days after Mayor Giuliano vows to cease all active campaigning until power is restored. (Not so, says Wes students who spotted the mayor handing out fliers in Usdan.) (Hold him to it, Washington Street. It’s gonna be a while.) Today, Middletown Press reveals its official endorsement: Giuliano, writes the local news source, “is a guy immersed in the nuts and bolts of building a better city and protecting its traditional assets.” Sure, he’s made mistakes—”failures in tactic, in tone and in transparency.” But at least he owns up to them:

Talking about who started it or who is most to blame would be as big a waste of time as debating the size of the new TV monitor in Giuliano’s office or how many local events his opponent has attended. We are endorsing Sebastian Giuliano for a fourth two-year term as mayor in Middletown because his knowledge of and dedication to the city is without question.

So there’s a caveat:

We endorse the re-election of Sebastian Giuliano on Nov. 8, but in doing so urge him to draw upon the “long view” of Middletown that makes him a good mayor.

Run city government with openness and transparency. Choose olive branches and over-communication over lawyers and back-room scheming. Disarm your opponents and critics with humility and attempts to find common ground. Don’t waste your time or ours on petty political drama. And for heaven’s sake, keep that stuff as far away as possible from the police department and our children’s education.

For a thoughtful, Wesleyan-based rebuttal (read: a defense of Dan Drew), consider WesDems VP Gabriela De Golia ’13‘s guest piece in Middletown Patch:

Daniel Drew’s platform is not contradictory, and I believe that he is the more progressive of the candidates running for mayor. As an elected council member, he has remained consistent in his support of the arts, education, and sustainable environmental policies — all of which are issues that are of importance to Wesleyan students.

He helped reduce income taxes for Middletown residents by going against current Mayor Giuliano’s efforts to raise them, and has also been vocal and proactive in his desire to better the Wesleyan-Middletown relationship.

Most troubling to De Golia is Giuliano’s lack of engagement with the Wessleyan community—a far cry from the claim that Wesleyan students are not part of the permanent Middletown community and hence don’t always have the city’s residents’ interests in mind when voting:

What is perhaps most important to Wesleyan students is how Mayor Giuliano has engaged (or not) with our university. Contrary to what some have implied, the mayor is not a prominent part of Wesleyan life: most students don’t even know who he is. The fact that he showed up early and stayed late at campaign debates does not equate to being engaged with the university and its students or “readily accessible” to students.

Giuliano has failed to encourage students to be proactive in the political process and has been silent when supporters have spoken and acted in ways that seem to discourage students from exercising their constitutional right to vote in Middletown. In short, he has been neglectful of Wesleyan students or worse.

So yeah. Voting is happening this Tuesday. A letter in my wesbox says I have to go to the Registrar of Voters to confirm my residential address, an update clarifies that I can simply confirm my residence verbally at my newly assigned polling location on Election Day, and Harold Camping says the world will probably end before Election Day anyway. Vote early and vote often.

[Giuliano endorsement via Middletown Press, Drew endorsement via Middletown Patch and Gabriela De Golia ’13]

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