New Teen Force Improv Comedy Show

From Craig Malamut ’12:

Come celebrate the return of electricity with an evening of improvisational comedy!* New Teen Force–Wesleyan University’s only long-form, free-form improv group–will be performing in the Butt A lounge from 9-10 pm on Saturday night! Bring your parents! Milfs and Dilfs are always appreciated. As per usual, NTF is DTF.

*If you still don’t have power, don’t fret! You can still celebrate everyone else having power.

Date: Saturday, November 5
Time: 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Place: Butt A Lounge

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2 thoughts on “New Teen Force Improv Comedy Show

  1. J.D.S. '14

    What is “DTFF?”  I have just learned that “DTF” stands for “Down to F—,” but what does the extra ‘F’ stand for?

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