WESEMINAR: Social Entrepreneurship At Wesleyan

Come learn more about three amazing groups at Wesleyan which are serving the public good all over the world!

Featuring members of The MINDS Foundation, Brighter Dawns, and SHOFCO-Wesleyan. Presenters: Raghu Kiran Appasani ‘12, founder and CEO of The MINDS Foundation; Tasmiha Khan ’12 and Jason Lee ’12, Brighter Dawns; Nathan Mackenzie ’12 and Emily Weitzman ’14, Shining Hope.

  • DATE: Tomorrow (Saturday), November 5th
  • TIME: 1:30pm
  • PLACE: Judd Hall, Room 116

The MINDS Foundation aims to eradicate stigma surrounding mental illness through educational, medical, financial, and moral support. Mental illness should be globally recognized as a biological disease, rather than a personal weakness. We want people with mental illness and their loved ones to seek help rather than hide. We establish collaborative partnerships with local community-orientated institutions and provide educational and diagnostic support as part of a grassroots effort to improve the lives of the mentally ill in regions of need.

Brighter Dawns aims to provide the slums of Bangladesh ease of access to clean water, while empowering women and improving health conditions as part of a larger initiative. Thanks to successful events, fundraisers, grants, community support and hard work, Brighter Dawns embarked upon its first mission over the summer, constructing 15 wells, 20 latrines and distributing 1,000 health kits to help promote clean sanitation in Ward 12. Brighter Dawns is now planning on expanding their projects this coming summer, focusing on maternal care and women’s empowerment.

Kennedy Odede ’12 was born and raised in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya–the largest slum in Africa. The first time Kennedy ever had extra money, 20 cents in 2005, he bought a soccer ball and started the first organization in Kibera founded and run by slum residents. After his arrival at Wesleyan, Kennedy and Jessica Posner ’09 transformed the organization into an internationally recognized non-profit: Shining Hope for Communities. Shining Hope for Communities has developed a community-driven model to combat inter-generational cycles of gender inequity and extreme poverty. Shining Hope’s tuition-free school for girls is linked to essential social services available for all, including a health clinic offering primary and women’s health care, community programs that empower and educate, sanitation facilities, and Kibera’s largest clean water point. Shining Hope for Communities’ investment in women and girls benefits the heath and development of the entire community.

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