Balam Acab at Eclectic, tonight

Chelsie Green ’14:

[from the other room]: “warped voices” “simple aesthetic beauty” “samples of liquid” “reverb/echo” “loaded with emotion” “shrouded in darkness” “a vibe that’s vaguely creepy but stops short of melancholic” “there’s a well-crafted build, then the beat drops” “sounds dripping-wet from start to finish, with samples of splashing and sloshing swishing throughout” “slow tempos, with percussion used sparingly to create stretched-out breakbeats that provide a loose skeleton for the rest of his reverb-laden sounds to dance around”

NICHOLAS MSALL – This is his first show at Wes, give this lil freshman a chance. Electronic abstract beats to make your whole body bump! Add some bass, wonky tempos, and distorted samplin’ for full effect. Feed your brains with this craziness! Fuck money just kick it.

Date:   Nov. 5 – Nov. 6
Time:   9:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Place:  Eclectic
Want:   More?

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