Ski Week and Ski Team Informational Session

DJ Wesleying comin’ atcha with a hot new collab from Sam Masur ’12 and M-M-Matt Timmons ’12:


Anyone interested in coming on the annual Wesleyan ski and snowboard trip to Jay Peak VT (Ski Week) should come to the informational session in the Woodhead Lounge.  We’ll be giving out all the necessary information for the beautiful trip up to Grampa Grunts during our winter break.  (Disclaimer:  You DON’T need to already know how to ski/snowboard to come on ski week!)

This will also be a meeting for Wesleyan’s Ski Team.  So anyone interested in alpine racing should come as well.  No experience necessary – we’re very low key.

Anyone unavailable but still interested should email us at wesleyanskiteamBOOPgmailBOOPcom

Date: Tomorrow, Nov. 6
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge (Exley next to glass connection to Hall Atwater)

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