Williams Wins, but Wes Has More Fun

Wicked Wesleyan-Williams War Worth Waiting For, Wesleying Wagers

According to the @wesconnected Twitter stream, Williams beat us 19-17:

“The football game was a classic nail-biter which saw Wesleyan ahead by one in the third quarter and within scoring distance at the start of the fourth,” writes Cassandra Day o’er at MiddletownPatch. Aw well, at least we got to watch the guy cheerful, gender-neutral entity in the big Cardinal suit. Photo coverage via MiddletownPatch and Wesleyan University’s Homecoming album.

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7 thoughts on “Williams Wins, but Wes Has More Fun

  1. But seriously

    Patch is wrong. Wes led 17-16 at the start of the fourth, and Williams scored with 4:48 left in the game. It might be advisable in the future to refrain from citing articles that devote more space to who was in the stands than the actual game.

    Unless you’ve secretly been taken over by the Argus.

    1. bob jones

      Dude, this is Wesleyan. Who was in the stands is a hell of a lot more interesting than the actual game.

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