Heat in the Foss Hill Dorms

As winter approaches, many of our Foss Hill dorm rooms become very hot. In an attempt to offset this discomfort, many of us leave our windows and balcony doors open. This seems very inefficient. I propose that we create some kind of resource to explain how our radiators work and how we can turn them on and off if we so please. I presume there are different models. Almost everyone I have spoken to has complained that they have not been able to do so on their own, and it does not make sense to have Physical Plant do this for everyone individually. All I wanna know is… who’s coming with me?!

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10 thoughts on “Heat in the Foss Hill Dorms

  1. Churchie

    200 Church has sucky radiators as well.  Sometimes they barely work and other times they’re so hot we’ve got to open windows.  And sometimes they just explode.

  2. Edeatrick

    I have not tried it yet, but apparently inside the radiator unit (at least in some of the Foss Hill dorms) there is a valve which controls the amount of steam going into the radiator. This valve is (theoretically) adjustable, but only if you use a screwdriver to take off the radiator’s cover. Maybe somebody who knows more about radiators could figure this out and post a tutorial? Also, based on ResLife’s stringent dorm-room upkeep rules, would this even by legal by their standards?

    If it comes to pass that we cannot individually adjust our radiators, I too strongly encourage Physical Plant to turn down the heat by 2-4 degrees in all Foss Hill dorms and 5-6 degrees in the Butts. I should not be able to wear shorts and a tank top in my dorm room in the winter!

  3. Agreed

    so with you. It’s not just Foss dorms, it’s true in the Butts and program houses too. Maybe we can talk to PPlant about just getting the heat setting turned down, rather than trying to make each individual radiator adjustable?

  4. ;alksdfj

    Asked a PPlant guy why i couldn’t adjust my own heat in Butt A a while back. Apparently a lot of the radiators in the older dorms are built along a continuous pipe  of steam, which makes it impossible to adjust them individually. In many cases PPlant physically can’t set up radiators for individual adjustment without buying a brand new heating system.

    1. Ok

      Then let’s get a brand new heating system. If I wanted the amenities of Trinity I would have went there when they begged me to enroll.

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