Ex-Amherst Prez, Former Wesleyan Student Marx Arrested for Drunk Driving

Finally, news that can make Wesleyan, Yale, and Amherst look bad all at the same time. Anthony Marx [’81, almost], a former Wesleyan student who transferred to Yale after two years and served as Amherst’s 18th president until earlier this year, was arrested this Sunday on drunk-driving charges “after the library-owned car he was driving backed into a parked vehicle in Upper Manhattan.” The kicker: Marx is currently president of the New York Public Library. And he was driving a library owned car. And his blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal driving limit. And, oh, it was 3 pm on a Sunday afternoon:

According to the complaint, Mr. Marx was driving a 2009 Audi when the accident occurred in front of 10 East 138th Street around 3 p.m. on Sunday. The arresting officer, Alan Cheung, described Mr. Marx as having watery and bloodshot eyes and breath that smelled of alcohol, according to the complaint.

Mr. Marx released a statement on Monday through a library spokeswoman, Angela Montefinise, saying, “I deeply regret embarrassment caused to my family and to the New York Public Library.”

“My focus now,” Mr. Marx added, “is on moving forward and assuring that this incident does not detract from the important work and goals shared by all my colleagues.”

Marx has no shortages of accomplishments to his name. After Wesleyan, he headed to Yale for a B. S. in 1981, then received an M. P. A., an M. A., and a Ph. D., all from Princeton. (Now he finally has a DWI to his name, too.) (Rim shot.) Somewhere in between, he spent a year in South Africa protesting Apartheid. Here’s hoping he can recover from the arrest and continue his goals with the New York Public Library.

[New York Times]

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  1. Olde Yankee

    Is becoming President of the New York Public Library after being President of Amherst a promotion?

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