Fernando Bermudez and the Innocence Project

No, "Fernando Bermudez and the Innocence Project" will not be playing at Eclectic.

It’s not often we get to hear from a prisoner hirself. At least, for those of us who don’t avidly watch Beyond Scared Straight (an aside: “this approach has been shown to cause short- and long- term harm and actually increases the likelihood of re-offending among some participants,” including one from the original series, who is now a convicted felon, if Wikipedia is to be believed. Oh my.). Even less often do we hear from a prisoner who served time for a crime he didn’t commit (no, I didn’t say team of prisoners).

Tomorrow, at 7pm in the Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor of Usdan), we have just such an opportunity.

Fernando Bermudez, wrongfully convicted of homicide, served “18 years in New York State maximum security prisons” before “pro bono attorneys of the Innocence Project” proved his innocence in late 2009. Bermudez, the keynote speaker for Latin@ Affirmation Month, will speak, along with a panel of specialists from the Innocence Project (including WesKids Jung-Hee Oh ’07, Edwin Grimsley ‘01, and Elizabeth Langston ’05) about “eyewitness identification and exoneration processes.”

The event is co-sponsored by Ajúa Campos, Adelphic Education Fund, Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, the Government Department, and Butterfields Staff.


Date: November 9, 2011
Time: 7PM
Place: DFC, baby!


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  1. class

    This is an amazing opportunity!! I’ve wanted to hear Fernando Bermudez speak for months and I’m pumped that Wes is bringing him to campus.

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