The Results Are In: We Have a New Mayor

Dan Drew, Mayor-elect.

Not three weeks ago, BZOD and I were frantically recording the tempestuous (…ok, more like placid) Mayoral Debate, wondering who, who might become the next mayor of Middletown?

Finally, the wait is over. Dan Drew, Democrat, proprietor of a hairdo that is one white lightning-bolt away from the bride of Frankenstein, and current Middletown City Councilman, is your new mayor. With 4,951 votes to Giuliano’s 4,310 (and Bourne’s 172)–according to unofficial counts–Dan has reason for celebration… though not for long.

His competitors, while wishing him luck, have more or less promised a sequel, with Giulano stating “at another day and another time, we will have our chance” and Bourne going full-Terminator with her “I will be back.”

[Thanks to The Middletown Press for their quick reporting]

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8 thoughts on “The Results Are In: We Have a New Mayor

  1. Impressed

    With a Middletown population of over 47,000, how on earth does 4,951 represent a win?  Is voting turnout really so low?

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