WeSLAM: Caroline Rothstein + Joseph LMS Workshop–SIGNUPS TMRW (11/10) @ 5PM

From WeSLAM:

Caroline Rothstein and Joseph LMS–two nationally renowned and generally badass poets and members of the Intangible Collective–are going to be featuring at this Saturday’s final preliminary slam.

But in addition, these two fantastic performers will be hosting a poetry workshop prior to the slam (taking place at 4:30pm on Saturday at a TBD location). While our past workshops have been focused primarily on writing, this one is going to be specifically focused on performance, which means that in order to participate, you are required to bring one (1) poem of your own creation that you are comfortable reciting without the help of the printed page (“memorized” in poetry speak).

Now, unfortunately due to time constraints, we can only take a limited number into the workshop. In an effort to keep things fair, and give everyone equal opportunity to participate, we’ll be using a first-come-first-served online sign-up, starting Thursday evening. If you are hoping to participate in the workshop, send an email containing your name and class year to the WeSlam email address–weslam.wesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com–any time after 5pm tomorrow (Thursday, November 10th). The first twenty people to send their emails will get a slot. Any messages sent before 5pm will not count. If for some reason you will not have access to a device capable of sending electronic mail, you can have a friend send the message for you, as long as ze hirself is not signing up.

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