48 Hour Magazine Project Begins NOW

You can stop holding your breath. The moment has arrived. The 48 Hour Magazine Project has commenced.


Submit any content in the spirit of this theme. We’d love to have something you’ve made already, but we’re most excited about having you create something right now. Art, photography, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, film — anything goes. Email your submissions to 48hourmag [at] gmail [dot] com(For visual art & photography submissions, please include a title and brief description of your work). Submissions are due at midnight!

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve included a number of prompts below to help get you thinking along the right lines. Some are fairly simple and others are more involved. We encourage you to take risks: Go out and talk to people. These prompts are just jumping-off points. Deviate from them as you please.

— There’s one story you tell all the time. What part of it don’t you say?

— Collect a story from a child age twelve or younger.

— Translate into English a text that to your knowledge has not and will not otherwise be translated.

— Review a book that has been out of print for fifty years or a book that does not exist.

— Untell a story.

— See more prompts here.


Here is the schedule of operations. 


11:45 p.m. — People interested in selecting pieces arrive. We will work late into the night, but we’ll have some time for sleep.


9:30 a.m. — People interested in editing arrive. Film, photo, and illustration people arrive.

Noon — People interested in layout arrive.

6:00 — People interested in website work arrive.

7:00 — Dinner

9:00 — People interested in copy editing arrive.


Noon — We click publish.

The more you submit, the better the magazine will be. Send in work and tell your friends!

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