Ghanaian Drumming and Singing

Urban expat wunderkind Alex Ray ’13 thinks you should scope the following:

A festive concert featuring the drumming music of Ghana with master drummer Abraham Adzenyah and his advanced drumming class.

  • Date: November 11th (today, foolz)
  • Time: 7-9:30 P.M.
  • Location: Crowell
  • Cost: no ducats

The spirit possession and court musics of the Ashanti are known to only a few master drummers in the world.  Abraham Adzenyah is one of them.

On Friday, November 11th, Abraham will perform some of these drum-dances – Akom, Kete,  and Adowa – accompanied by guest dancers who will animate the meaning of the dances. In addition, Adzenyah and the ensemble will present more comprehensive versions of some iconic social celebration dances.  These pieces include Gahu  and Patsa from the Anlo Ewe people, Sikyi from the Akan, and Kpanlogo from the streets of Accra, the capitol city of Ghana.

Throughout the evening, a chorus of thirty will accompany the drumming with traditional songs, invigorating the drums with their natural complement.  The concert features Adzenyah with his Advanced Ensemble along with distinguished alumni Robert Levin ’81, Rob Lancefield PhD ’82, and Nina Jaffe ’76. Guest dancers include Dorothy Mensah and Ama Adusei.

We are thrilled that Matoaka Little Eagle (Tewa, Apache, Chickahominy), daughter of the late Swift Eagle, will perform The Deer Song in tribute to Abraham and Wesleyan’s unique music program.

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