“Wesleyan Thinks Big” conference facebook wall thing

So, I just got this facebook invite to an event created by Josh Levine ’12, Hannah Vogel ’13 (if Trotbot is pulling my leg, I swear honest to goodness I will find you and I will -), and Max Nussenbaum ’12 about this thing called the “Wesleyan Thinks Big” conference, to be held next spring. Not much info about the actual event itself is available at this point of time, but right now all the organizers want to know is:

Which Wesleyan Professors would you like to see speak?

Click here to hit the event invite.

Here are my top five choices of professors and subject matters:

  1. Govt. prof John Finn on Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”
  2. Physics prof. Tsampikos Kottos on Twitter.
  3. History prof. Bruce Masters on dinner-table etiquette in 1960’s Jordan.
  4. History prof. William Pinch on the joys of leather jackets.
  5. Film prof. Scott Higgins on dressing your kid up as a lobster.
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6 thoughts on ““Wesleyan Thinks Big” conference facebook wall thing

  1. A nun y mouse

    I thought I remembered seeing an old photo of Prof. Pinch rocking a Malcolm Gladwell-style hairdo, but now I can’t find it…

  2. Claudette Colbert

    I’m very glad someone else remembers Shiggins’ lobster-child. I think it was only made more adorable by the fact that his kid looked really unhappy to be a lobster.

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