Socially Responsible Investment Coalition

A note from the Socially Responsible Investment Coalition:

Where is Wesleyan’s endowment money invested? At the last report, our endowment was invested in some scary companies, like Raytheon (weapons manufacturers?!?!), coal mining (destroying our beautiful earth?!??!!!), and more.

But at the present, there is no transparency about where our money could be invested. It could be anywhere.

If you want to know where Wesleyan’s money is invested – the first step in moving our endowment toward socially responsible investment – join the Socially Responsible Investment Coalition and sign our petition calling for endowment transparency here in support of the recently passed WSA Resolution on endowment transparency. Make your voice count – let our Board of Trustees know that Wesleyan cares where our money is invested.

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3 thoughts on “Socially Responsible Investment Coalition

  1. Insight Group Plc

    Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has advanced significantly in the
    last few years to become a “must-have” in every investment portfolio.

    SRI has grown by 13% since 2007, compared to less than 1% by mainstream
    assets. In the United States alone SRI topped $3 trillion, with nearly
    one out of every eight dollars under professional management. SRI has
    received a surge of interest and it highlights the importance of Insight
    Group PLC’s latest project Moringa: The “Miracle Tree”, Mozambique.

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