The Rooks, The Rooks, The Rooks Is On Fire

The Rooks, the fantastic and fantastical Wesleyan funk outfit featured previously on this blog, finally made its live-audience debut this past Weekend—opening for the legendary Josh Smith & The Concert G’s (with whom the band shares a few members), no less. Wesleying has obtained a few high-quality film clips from this show. If your Wednesday night needs a gluten-free funk injection, look no further.

As always, The Rooks’ lineup includes Garth Taylor ’12, Nate Mondschein ’12, Spencer Hattendorf ’12, Graham Richman ’11, Louis Russo ’11, and Gabe Gordon ’11. Taylor adds that the bands will be participating in the Hartford Battle of the Bands on Saturday, December 17th, at the Webster Theater. “We have tickets for $8 that people can get in advance,” Taylor adds, “and tickets at the door are $10. Doors open at 4 PM.” (If you’re in Bermuda on the 17th, you can probably just catch these cats on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. If anyone wants to make them a band page, I’m sure they’ll repay you in cupcakes and sprinkles.)

Anyway. Saturday’s show. Photographic content and moving picture media. Past the jump.

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