The Usdan Kiosks: They’re Aliiiive

According to a note by Zhicheng Wang ’15 on the WSA blog, the Usdan computer kiosks have all been renewed, upgraded, and fixed. Using those public kiosk monstrosities without wanting to punch the glass out seems almost unfathomable, but I think this might be for real:

Now, thanks to the hard work of Christopher Caesar of ITS, the computer kiosks at Usdan are all renewed and upgraded to a new software. If you stand in the Gregory Lounge facing the direction of the help desk, you will see eight thin-client Windows computers all up and running.  The ability to open Microsoft Office documents and Adobe .PDF documents has been enabled. Farewell to old days when you could not use any programs and could only browse the web.  Also, a little-known fact: you can print from the kiosks to the Ricoh copy machine in the back.  We have great confidence that the newly upgraded computer kiosks will serve the student body far better the the old ones.

Thanks, ITS peeps—this is no small task. The public computer kiosks have long been one of the major shames of Usdan, along with brunch omelet lines and those measly 6-point sandwiches at the cafe. Tonight, I’ll trek over and print something to the Ricoh copy machine. Not because I don’t have a printer. Just because I can.


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One thought on “The Usdan Kiosks: They’re Aliiiive

  1. Ayn Rand

    But, that awful interface has been gone for a while and the computers have just been standard Macs. Is ITS that unaware of what it’s doing?

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