University not down with furry (or scaled or prickly) friends

ResLife just sent out a cold reminder of the university’s discrimination against non-humans, even if they’re just around “for a brief visit.” This is especially interesting considering how many wholesome family pups were traipsing around campus during Homecoming Weekend. If you have a bundle of furry love living in your abode, be warned! They’re after you!

Read on for the letter from ResLife:

Dear Students,

Over the last few months, the Office of Residential Life and Physical Plant have found a number of unauthorized animals or pets in student residences.  This email is to serve as a reminder that the pet policy only permits fish in a ten gallon tank (maximum).  No other pets or animals are permitted in student residences at any time, even if for a brief visit.

Students and their roommates who have a pet or animal found in their residence are subject to the following:

  1. Incident documented and reported to The Dean of Students Office for judicial action
  2. Fine of $100 per animal each time it is seen in a residence
  3. Immediate removal of the animal
  4. Charged for any additional cleaning that may result from the animal being  in the residence

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life at or x3550


The Office of Residential Life Staff

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6 thoughts on “University not down with furry (or scaled or prickly) friends

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  2. kitty luvin' prof

    Imagine what it is like for cleaning crews to enter a student’s room two weeks after the student has left only to discover that the student left a cute little kitty there.  Of course, by then cute little kitty has died of dehydration, starvation, or both.  It happens over and over.  That’s why.

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