ALL the Program House Information you could ever want….

Program houses at Wesleyan are AWESOME! And this list is going to tell you all about some of the awesome houses with spaces for the spring. It’s going to be overwhelming, but in a good way!

Good Thing To Note: The applications are due on this Friday, the 18th! GET THEM IN!


(1) Chinese House – Looking for people who enjoy exotic Chinese food, wish to wake up later everyday and a kitchen? Located at 34 Lawn avenue. Right across from the Butts! What they have to offer: Super cozy lounge, and 3 bathrooms

Who to contact? Alecia – ang(at)wes

How many spots available? 2

(2) Interfaith House – The house is located at 230 Washington Street. Why live here? Awesome rooms, big kitchen, relatively quiet, giant beanbags in the common room!, learn different faiths and have parking right next to your hosue.

(3) Womanist House- Located at 44 Brainerd (which is right off Lawn). This house works to promote awareness of and dialogue about women’s issues in the Wesleyan community.

How many spots available?

(4) Outhouse – Located at 132 High street (super close to WesWings). This house has its own laundry machines and a lot of amazing outdoor gear that would be available to you for free! This house has one open space for the spring. If you want to live in a house where every night someone is baking, people stay up way too late making friends for like, there are weekly house dinners and you get to meet relaxed outdoors-loving people!

Who to contact?  kgilchrist(at)wes

(5) Full House – Located at 202 Washington Street this house has a lovely community, birthday celebrations for all house members, house programs that allow you to make French sauces with Prof. Finn,test 10 different cookie recipes for Cookie cup, and make corn dogs and dumplings from scratch.

How many slots available?  2

Who to contact? chilee(at)wes

(6) International House – Located at 151 Church street (weswings is pratically in its backyard). Why? The vibe is awesome. Expect to cook and bake all the time. Reasons to apply? All singles, chill group of sophomores, own laundry room, and amazing house dinners.

How many slots available?

(7) Community Service House – Located at 28 Lawn street, this is a quiet/chill house suited to those who are interested/active in community service locally and internationally.

How many slots available?

(8) Writing House – Located at 202 Washington (corner of Wash and High), Writing House shares its building with Full House. It has an awesome lounge, foosball table, laundry!, study room, courtyard, and a large  kitchen. It also has a strong community, biweekly tea time, enjoyable food, and excellent facilities.

How many slots available? 5

(9) German Haus – Located on 65 Lawn (right behind Exley). This house does not require knowledge of German, but one should definitely be interested in participating in events related to German culture and language!  This house is filled with excellent pianists, cooks, international students and lovers of languages. If you like eating sausage, German music or reading Kant this is the house for you.

How many sports available? 1 (and it’s mostly likely a single!)

(10) Turath House – Located 22 Lawn Avenue (across from the Butts) – this house has its own parking lot. It’s a very tight-knit group that loves to cook, and share an interests in Arab/Middle-Easterin/Muslim cultures. If you like hummus, hookah and henna (all stereotypes aside..) apply here!

How many spots available? 1 (in a female double)

(11) French Hall – Located in Nics 7. If you speak French fluently or only un peu, like baguettes or playing le gros poulet (Google it), or are a cool person, you should apply!

How many spots available? 2

(12) Well-Being House – If you are interested in substance-free living and being a part of a great community – live here!

How many spots available? 3

(13) AAA House – Want to live in a house that helped bring you the Lunar New Year Celebrations 2011, Lt. Dan Choi and the Mid Autumn festival> Want to be a part of a multicultural culture? This is the house for you! This house has laundry, a spacious kitchen (with a dishwasher!), 3 bathrooms for 6 residents, a newly-refurbished living room, library and a newly created reading alcove with a rocking chair!

How many spots available? 1


That’s all. Good luck folks.

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  2. Arin

    Alpha Delta Phi also has spots available! Guaranteed singles, a working fireplace, awesome community and the Star and Crescent make ADP a super fun place to live. Apply! 

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