America, Occupied: Ezra Silk ’10 and Friends On The Road

From Argus to OWS: liveblogging (and touring) the Occupy movement with Wes ’10-ers.

Thursday, November 17. Two months since the OWS first occupied New York’s Zuccotti Park on September 17. (At Wesleyan, it seems like only yesterday.) The Occupy movement declares a “day of action”—across America, worldwide, and at Wesleyan, where a demonstration in solidarity with the Occupy movement begins at Olin at 4 PM.

Meanwhile, Ezra Silk ’10 takes on the Occupy movement firsthand: the former Argus editor and founder of Big Dog barbershop is is traveling around the country to write about the Occupy Wall Street protests and writing about it on America, Occupied, along with Ashik Siddique ’10, Gianna Palmer ’10, and Ryan Villareal. We’ve blogged about various Wes alums weighing in on the movement, but this is different. Silk writes:

For two weeks, I have been driving down the eastern seaboard, visiting Occupy protests. I was in Zuccotti Park on Sept. 17, the first day of the protests, and have since been to occupations in Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond, Charlotte, Asheville, Nashville, and Atlanta.I will be travelling through the South toward the West Coast over the next two weeks. If you have a place to stay, let me know!

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More (lord, much more) over at America, Occupied as Silk continues his efforts to document the Occupy movement on a national scale. Head to Olin right now(!!) for a march in solidarity with the movement.

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