The Revolution May or May Not Be Televised (…but It Will Be on Livestream)

Watch live streaming video from occupynyc at

Watch live streaming video from owsnyc at

In the twittersphere: the always-amazing Josh Harkinson | Occupy Wall Street | Democracy Now | #OCCUPYWALLSTREET | The People’s Library

Coverage also from our very own Ezra Silk ’10 (former Argus editor), Ashik Siddique ’10, Gianna Palmer ’10, and Ryan Villareal at America, Occupied (and, for more extended coverage, at their blog of the same name)

Hearkening back to my post earlier this week on the eviction of Occupy Wall Street comes today’s previously planned day of action in New York City, marking the two-month anniversary of the beginning of the Occupation in Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park. Thus far, today, upwards of 200 protestors have been arrested, thousands have marched, and this is only the beginning. (Where might the city’s illustrious mayor be at this climactic time, you ask? Why, meeting with business leaders, including Rupert Murdoch, of course.)

Other events planned for today include an occupation of the subway, a rally at City Hall, and, subsequently, a march to the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you’re feeling a little “Che” today yourself, be sure to join the Occupy Wesleyan demonstration, starting at 4pm at Olin (for more information, check out DMZ‘s baller post). Viva la Revolución!

For more information on today’s actions in the city, click past the jump.

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Updates from the movement’s website:

  • 2:38 pm: march gathering to join student strike at Union Square.
  • 2:28 pm: videographer reports assault by undercover cop, video coming soon.
  • 2:28 pm: surrounded by media, occupiers inside Liberty Sq chant “the whole world is watching”
  • 2:26 pm: heavy police presence continues, occupiers undaunted
  • 2:18 pm: Liberty Square reopened, occupiers return inside to see blood on the ground
  • 2:11 pm: multiple victims reported. Witnesses confirm man tackled from behind by NYPD, bloodied, stripped of clothing.
  • 1:56 pm: at least one medic reports protestor bleeding from the head inside the Square. NYPD is preventing medics from helping.
  • 1:53 pm: for no apparent reason, police have invaded Liberty Square and began indiscriminately shoving people and hitting people with batons
  • 1:49 pm: paddy wagons approaching; more and more police surrounding the square; no way in or out; imminent mass arrests anticipated
  • 1:43 pm: police using metal barricades to seal off Liberty Square; peaceful protestors are being told they are not allowed to leave; widespread reports of violence inside
  • 1:38 pm: helmeted police are raiding Liberty Square, batons drawn; they have closed off the entrances and are not letting people in or out
  • 1:26 pm: reports that police are mobilizing just outside Liberty Square; NYPD attempting to search Wikileaks “Free Bradley Manning” truck
  • 12:40 pm: 200+ already arrested; our Day of Action has just begun.
  • 12:38 pm: march underway down Broadway to Liberty Square
  • 12:35 pm: all barricades at Liberty Square reportedly down
  • 12:18 pm: triumphant marchers returning to Liberty Square
  • 12:14 pm: global solidarity actions: Occupy LA blocking bridge into financial district;Occupy Portland closes Steel Bridge; 30,000 march in Greece; more updates to come.
  • 11:55 am: one of many video streams, TheOther99, breaks 20K current viewers, nearly 170K total views
  • 11:52 am: counterterrorism agents spotted, appear oblivious to economic terrorism
  • 11:47 am: “Out of the office, into the streets!” Woman runs out of office 65 broadway and hugs a protester
  • 11:44 am: thousands marching on Wall Street under red and black flag, police rush to erect barricades
  • 11:34 am: sign reads: “Arrest one of us, and two more will appear. You cannot arrest an idea.”
  • 11:32 am: barricades removed from south side of Liberty Square.
  • 11:20 am: Liberty Square re-occupied: Bloomberg, NYPD struggle to quash Occupy Wall Street.
  • 11:11 am: police chaos, officers use barricade as weapon against press, protestors
  • 11:09 am: protestors tearing down NYPD barricades at south side of Liberty Square, chanting: “WHOSE PARK? OUR PARK!” — police outnumbered, calling in reinforcements.
  • 11:04 am: media denied access past police blockade; coverage of mass arrests censored by NYPD
  • 11:02 am: mass arrests reported at Beaver & Broadway
  • 10:59 am: massive march coming north on Broadway south of Wall. Protestors continue to converge on Liberty Square, which is partially surrounded by helmeted NYPD
  • 10:53 am: police profiling protesters; checking IDs to access Broadway checkpoints around Wall Street. Video stream shows police selectively allowing some people to pass without ID based on appearance, while blocking other people who “look like protesters” from passing even with ID.
  • 10:44 am: thousands occupying Liberty Square
  • 10:39 am: reports of LRAD sound cannon used by NYPD to disperse protesters singing National Anthem near Pine St
  • 10:37 am: Bloomberg responds to Wall Street shutdown
  • 10:32 am: one march headed down william toward beaver stopped by police; people who “look like protesters” not allowed to pass, but “suits” allowed through
  • 10:30 am: protesters chanting “her cuffs are too tight” in solidarity with 60 y/o woman who can’t feel her arms after being arrested
  • 10:25 am: police violence continues; protestors defiant, undeterred
  • 10:16 am: via people’s mic: protestors converging in victory march to Liberty Square to celebrate 15 minute delay of NYSE opening bell.
  • 10:14 am: report of sanitation workers blocking Beaver with truck in solidarity with OWS
  • 10:10 am: protesters and police at stand-off at multiple intersections; people’s mic breaks out across locations to share heart-breaking, inspirational stories of the 99%
  • 10:07 am: under OWS banner, hundreds use people’s mic to tell personal stories of economic exploitation. Sitting in street, intersection of Nassau and Wall. Watch live
  • 10:00 am: 50+ arrested, 60 Wall subway station reported closed.
  • 9:58 am: about 20 protestors locked arms, blocking access to TD Bank
  • 9:56 am: globalrev at 20,000 current viewers.
  • 9:55 am: at least half dozen reporters violently shoved by NYPD
  • 9:52 am: widespread reports of police violence
  • 9:50 am: defying police bullhorn orders, protesters drop banner reading “revolution”
  • 9:43 am: more arrests at Wall and Broadway, pedestrians restricted
  • 9:39 am: NYPD checkpoint at Pine and Broadway, checking ID
  • 9:35 am: theother99 ustream hits 10,000 current viewers, 60,000 total.
  • 9:34 am: NYPD violence forcing marchers to sidewalk
  • 9:27 am: sit-in at Pine and Nassau cleared. If dispersed, head there.
  • 9:19 am: police brutality at 60 Wall
  • 9:16 am: retired Philly police Captain Ray Lewis reported arrested.
  • 9:11 am: opening bell delayed!
  • 9:09 am: traders blocked from entering stock exchange
  • 9:07 am: NYPD refusing to give badge numbers
  • 9:06 am: subway 2 and 3 to Wall Street confirmed open, but guarded by NYPD
  • 9:04 am: police arrest woman in wheelchair
  • 9:02 am: reports of 30+ arrested, zip-tied
  • 9:00 am: NYPD confused, overwhelmed
  • 8:58 am: Wall Street workers massing with protestors, unable to enter Wall Street
  • 8:55 am: sitters at Nassau being dragged away, Beaver and New requesting help, police using batons
  • 8:53 am: protestors taking police barricades, barricading Police vehicle
  • 8:49 am: confirmed arrests at Beaver and Broadway, police moving in on Hannover
  • 8:47 am: arrest warning given at Nassau and Pine
  • 8:45 am: people chanting “take the Bull!”
  • 8:41 am: arrests at Wall and Beaver
  • 8:39 am: all entrances to Wall Street occupied, police moving in on Hannover and Wall
  • 8:31 am: protestors blocking intersections
  • 8:29 am: 2 and 3 subways at 60 Wall now reported closed
  • 8:22 am: 2 and 3 subways at 60 Wall reported open.
  • 8:14 am: march continues to grow, “people pouring into street”
  • 8:05 am: police lines reported permeable
  • 7:57 am: marchers taking both sides of streets amidst heavy police and media presence.
  • 7:51 am: march estimated in thousands
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