Ah, Journalism


I say as much in the close of my “Occupy Wesleyan: A Retrospective” post, but since I highly doubt many of you will make it to the end, here it is again (yes, I quote myself; I’m just that meta):

An interesting case study in how a mistake can reproduce itself: the Middletown Press reported that it was the REAL MRoth who revoked Hickenlooper’s diploma–a story that was promptly picked up by the Denver Post, where it is running on the front page of the site.

Thanks to commenters “BC” and “Colorado”!

An update: the Denver Post has since altered its article to reflect the actual events.

Luckily, we have screenshots after the jump!

Update, part deux: some do-gooder has since changed Hickenlooper’s wikipedia page, citing the Middletown Press/Denver Post articles, to reflect Roth’s supposed revocation.

Again, screenshot appears after the jump.

Updat3: And, at long last, the Middletown Press story has been changed. At least they mention their correction (vs. the Denver Post, which pretends it had it right all along)…

Also, be sure to check out the respective comments sections in the above links… they’re priceless.

Front page of the Middletown Press' website.

Front page of the Denver Post's website.

The original Middletown Press article.

The article in the Denver Post.

...so THIS is why my professor discourages me from citing Wikipedia.

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9 thoughts on “Ah, Journalism

  1. Cesar A. Chavez

    That was epic, when I first read the article I noticed that they mentioned MRoth as the one who revoked the diploma and I was like what? lol It was a job well done thou it got the attention of the people!

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  5. Zach

    “Makes me happy I voted for him. If he’s enraging know nothing college kids who think they are owed something then he’s doing something right.” –comment from “Gregory R.”

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