Writing Workshop Hours for Thanksgiving

The workshop will be closed on Tuesday, November 22nd through Sunday,  November 27th. It will reopen on Monday, November 28th. So, if you want to meet with a tutor before the break, swing by on Sunday or Monday!

I know that constant surprise about how fast the semester is progressing gets a bit old, but humor me: is anyone else appalled that Thanksgiving is less than one week away? And if you think time is passing quickly  now, just wait until you get back from the break. The first few weeks of December tend to be so stuffed with projects, papers, and late nights in Olin that all of a sudden before you know it the holidays are breathing down your neck and you’ve bought presents for two of the twenty-five people on your list. (Or, maybe that’s just me.)

Anyways, given how close we are to the final crunch, now is the time to start working on all those final papers! So get to the Writing Workshop while it’s open!

A word of advice: if you’re planning to visit the Workshop after Thanksgiving, you might want to book your appointment now. Appointments have been filling up about a week in advance and we expect things will only get busier as we head into December!

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