In Search of Air and Stomping Stories


“In Search of Air”

Lida Winfield’s performance tells her personal story of learning how to read in her early 20s. Through a fusion of performance techniques, Lida explores universal themes of struggle and triumph, with a touch of humor.

World Music Hall

Afterwards, join Lida for a workshop, “Stomping Stories.” Using improvistation, Lida will lead the group to explore different ways of creating stories and movement. Of the workshop, she writes:
We all have many stories that contribute to how we see ourselves and how we operate in the world. Very rarely, however, do we have the opportunity to tell our stories and really be heard, and in that same light we rarely have the opportunity to fully witness each other’s stories. By sharing our stories through movement and narrative participants are building bridges between each other and contributing to the growth of community. Creativity and an open mind is all that is needed to enjoy this workshop; all sizes and abilities welcome.

Schoberng Dance Studio, 247 Pine Street

Date:   Nov. 20
Time:   4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Place:  World Music Hall/Shonberg Dance Studio

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