Roth –> WSA –> Usdan 108 <--> HEAD EXPLOSION

Legend has it the only and only REAL_MROTH will be making a surprise guest appearance at tonight’s WSA meeting to spread the Thanksgiving cheer, drop some blues jams, and discuss appropriations of Hegel in twentieth-century France. Or something like that, according to WSA coordinator Arya Alizadeh ’13:

Michael Roth will be coming to tonight’s WSA meeting. He will be coming at 8:30 PM and will be answering students questions and concerns as well as talking about this past weekend’s Board of Trustees meeting.

WSA meetings happen every Sunday evening at 7:00 PM in Usdan 108 and we reserve the first part of meeting for community open forum where you can come and voice your opinion about any campus issue. But tonight, important thing to remember: Roth at 8:30 in Usdan 108.

Date: Tonight
Time: Right freaking now (Roth takes the stage at 8:30 PM prompt)
Place: Usdanforth Quayle 108

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One thought on “Roth –> WSA –> Usdan 108 <--> HEAD EXPLOSION

  1. weskid

    glad to see ¬†the meeting dates finally listed under the Minutes section of the WSA website… now just need to have the Minutes actually posted and we’re all set!

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