Casting Call! Free Lunch!

Stuck on campus over Thanksgiving with nothing to do? Have no fear, Robby Hardesty ’12 is here to keep your staycation exciting! And he’s going to record your adventures on youtube for posterity’s sake! From the gentleman himself:

Oh hey!  Do you want to be in a webisode with these two spankalicious doofs?

POSTPONED is looking to cast a dozen extras and a minor female role for a shoot that will be occurring the Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 26 and 27).  If you’re stuck on campus for the weekend and want to show your dear grandmother your shining face on the ol’ YouTubes, shoot an email to robhardesty[at]gmail[dot]com and ccorrea14[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll send you details!  Lunch will be provided, so you won’t have to microwave more ramen!

The minor female role involves delivering a short monologue in a theater class.  Extras will be happily munching their free lunch in Summerfields while Robby and Chris act like baboons.

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