Do It In the Dark

It’s November, which means it’s time for Do It In the Dark, the senior wood-frame energy competition.

Throughout the winter we’re going to be giving away monthly prizes to the Senior Woodframe that uses the least energy, and we’re awarding the first prize!

The top scoring house for the month was 220 Cross, whose energy efficient residents will each win a $10 gift certificate to dinner in Middletown (restaurant of your choice!).

Stay tuned for November’s results, and start saving energy so that your house can win. Save energy by turning out lights and unplugging appliances you aren’t using (especially over breaks), and remember that you can wear a light coat or sweater instead of cranking up the  heat. You can view the top 20 scoring houses on our blog at or after the jump.

Top Scoring Houses in September 2011: (Energy Score* in parenthesis)
220 Cross (6)
316 Washington (8)
266 Pine (9)
159 High – Earth House (10)
73-75 Lawn (11)
162 Church (11)
21 Vine (11)
23 Vine (12)
163 High – Russian House (12)
42 Miles (13)
109 Cross (13)
37 Home (14)
44 Home (14)
9 Vine (14)
48 Home (14)
42 Fountain (14)
344 Washington (14)
69 Fountain (14)
125 Cross (15)
22 Lawn – Turath (15)

-Adjusted for square footage, the worst 20 houses on our list use about 4 times more energy than the best 20, and most houses use about 2.5 times as much.

*Actually Btu/Sqft/HDD, or the amount of energy consumed adjusted for the square footage of the space and the outside temperature.

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