IFF 48 Hour Film Competition: Wes Entry from the You Kay (Vote!)

Happy not-quite-Thanksgiving, college students, pizza vegetarians, and vegan section devotees alike. With the latest in a long line of no-longer politically correct fall holidays coming up, you may have overlooked one of the most important ones that passed just last week – the Ivy Film Festival 48 Hour Film Competition, of course!

Run out of a seedy back alley affectionately termed “Brown University”, the IFF 48-hour competition encourages – well, if you’re entering, requires – college undergraduate entrants to make a film, “including scripting, shooting, costuming, set design, editing, rehearsing, sound design, etc.“, in two complete turns o’ the earth. So, just last weekendNeo Sora ’13 ’14 (;__;) did exactly that.  Wesleyan’s favorite Kingdom Hearts / The Matrix crossover character didn’t just create this entry from abroad – he did it with incredibly minimal personnel, only enlisting the talents of one other actor, a secondary cameraperson, and the dining establishment in which the steadier shots take place . Check it out:

Want to show some support for this 48-hour, almost-solo project beyond trolling the comments section? Voting is open until Wednesday – so now is as good a time as ever to act out of loyalty towards a perceived ingroup member watch every entry and determine which short film most deserves public recognition for quality filmmaking and an engrossing viewing experience! (Seriously: I myself enjoyed the others, especially Cold Steel. Check them out, too.) Vote, vote, vote!

For past Neo Sora shenanigans, you may want to consider:

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