View with a Room: WESCR1B$

Do you decorate with ponies?

What does YOUR room say about YOU? We really want to see your rooms! There’s probably some cool stuff in them! Are you especially proud of the way you arranged furniture? Do you have nice tapestries? Is there a hammock on your balcony? Does your minimalist attitude inspire your eerily bare walls?  Send us pictures of them, please. The last time we did this, we saw rooms decked out with carpeting and wallpaper and faux-ethnic decor. Now that you’ve had a few months to settle in, we’d like to compile pictures of your rooms for other people to see!

This particular room belongs to a WestCo duct tape aficionado. The majority of wall art is made of duct tape. Weird and creative things are encouraged in this feature! Normal (which is still cool) things are encouraged too! We would love to see how our fellow Wespeople are living, without having to lurk outside your bedroom window.

Send pictures from Houses, Microhouses, Apartments, Dorm rooms, Occupy tents,  misc. shelters to  Staff(at)Wesleying(dot)org with some captions (or I might have to over analyze the juxtaposition of your Mad Men and The Adventures of Tintin posters).


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