Impact: New Returnables Trash Cans

Impact, Wesleyan’s “student group for social enterprise,” has placed trash cans specifically designated for returnable cans and bottles in key areas around campus. More info (and informative photo) from Alexander Persky-Stern ’13:

Seen these bins around campus lately? Feed it your returnable cans and bottles.  We return them and donate the money to The Connection Inc, a local charity that offers educational, medical and vocational services to recovering addicts in Middletown.

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6 thoughts on “Impact: New Returnables Trash Cans

  1. Beepbeep

    fyi there is a dude who walks/drives around campus late at night taking bottles/cans from the big recycling dumpsters and people’s recycling by the curb, especially after the weekend. i’ve seen his car stuffed full of cans. so… he might just empty these if he figures out what they are.

    1. Dwissinger

      There aren’t any cans in outdoor locations.  As of now there are cans in Film Hall (Nics), Psi U,  Hi Rise,  and WesCo.  We’re working on getting more so keep your eyes peeled!

      -Dan Wissinger, Impact member

  2. guest

    I was wondering about this. It says for bottles and cans only. But what about other plastic containers (e.g. hummus container) that have the little recycling sign on the bottom. Can we put these in the cans too, or should we just use normal recycling?

    1. anonymous

      You cannot get a refund for any containers other than bottles (plastic and glass) and cans. I think the point is to the use these containers to raise money to donate (in CT there is a 5 cent refund on bottles and cans)

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