Alien Play Seeking Assistant Director; ET Not Included

Casual campus playwright mastermind Michael “Ask Steves” ’13 is writing another play. Goodness only knows when that kid sleeps. But here’s the thing: this one is a one-act sci-fi play. The plot revolves around aliens trying to destroy the world. Italics can be employed to demonstrate how nuts this play is going to be.

Anyway, just a one-act, NBD, no big commitment, seeking an assistant director, maybe a stage manager too, get at Steves, ET not included, here is what’s up:

Next semester I am writing and directing a one act sci-fi play called 4 Horseman. I am looking for either a stage manager or assistant director who would be interested in helping with scheduling, casting, and being a second creative eye for the show. The time commitment wouldn’t be large since the show is relatively short and has a four person cast. No experience required, I’d love to work with someone who’s just looking to get involved with student productions. The play, by the way, is a dark comedy about four humans trying to convince a god-like race of aliens not to destroy the world. Shoot me an email (msteves@wes) if you are interested in assistant directing or stage managing!

CONTACT: msteves(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

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