From the Senior Week Vaults: WeSkids Release 48-Hour Album

The 48-hour activity meme’s prominence this fall – in film (congrats, Neo!), magazine publishing, or Second Stage (in half the time) – is pretty well established. But though Second Stage and the Ivy Film Festival continue on traditions already established, independent projects like the 48-hour magazine fill newer territory. In fact, the mag wasn’t the first condensed-time project to come out of Wesleyan this year – four Wes students, along with two Skidmorians, embarked on such a quest during this past May’s senior week. If you believe McLuhan’s assertion that “the medium is the message”, then the message, delivered hard and fast by Ugly Mornings, is music. Music for punks. More, from the band:

This is UGLY MORNINGS, an EP written and recorded in 48 hours during senior week last year. Now it’s finally mixed, and we’re really excited to release it (for only FREE dollars). We hope you like it!

UGLY MORNINGS is Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Dan Moakley ’13, Will Feinstein ’13, Daniel Sullivan ’13, Stephen Yell (Skidmore ’13), and Eli Dreyfus (Skidmore ’13). The album is produced by Daniel Sullivan.

Want it? Get it. This one’s a quick listen, too: all five of the tracks clock in between 120 and 200 seconds. Want it?. Get it. Turn ya swag on.

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