Faculty Judged Cooking Competition and Potluck Seeks Chefs

Served  up by Alan Rodi ’12:

Do you like food? Do you like cooking? Do you like eating food? Hurray!

Then come to our second semesterly installment of a faculty judged cooking competition!

Think iron chef: interested students please email arodi[at]wesleyan[dot]edu to sign up in groups of 1-3 for the competition. You will be provided 3 secret, yet to be revealed ingredients to be picked up on either Thursday or Friday Dec 1 and 2. You must then create a dish incorporating 2 of the three ingredients – bonus points for using all three! You can create any sort of dish, be it a dessert, a hot dish, cold dish, or appetizer. It will be judged on taste, presentation, texture, and creativity. As the dishes are distributed to the judges, they will also be presented to others in attendance (please create a dish that is scalable in size, and try to make enough to feed a minimum of 10 people so we have enough for everyone).

Audience members who wish to eat will be asked to pay $2, proceeds will go to Brighter Dawns.

Please e-mail arodi[at]wesleyan[dot]edu to sign up in groups of between 1-3 people by midnight on November 30 at the latest.

Sponsored and funded by Reslife!

Date:   Nov. 28 – Nov. 30
Place:  The Intarwebz (and the actual competition in the Hewitt Lounge)
Cost:   $2 (audience only)

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