First Meeting of the Wesleyan Story Co-op

Once upon a Foss, there was a freshman, a Long Island native named Sarah Corey ’15, who started a new club. “The Wesleyan Story Co-Op is like the Cheese Co-Op,” Corey declared, “but you don’t get cheese. You get stories instead.” And so it was: a new Wesleyan organization of talkers and listeners, showers and tellers, liers and truthers was born. A co-op of sorts, but not a co-op at all, because there are enough stories for all, and you don’t need to drop 60 points to get in.

The Wesleyan Story Co-Op will be holding its first meeting this Wednesday at 7, though the first story-share won’t take place until next Thursday, December 8:

Come to the first info meeting of Wesleyan’s newest student group! Wesleyan Story Co-op provides an informal setting for members of the Wesleyan community to tell stories.

Tell us about that time you delivered your pet alpaca’s baby, or how you came out to your parents, or when you got lost in the Utah desert with only two Hershey Kisses, or that time a tiny man exposed himself to your mother in Middle-of-Nowhere, Lithuania, or how you picked out your outfit this morning. There are no restrictions on the form, style, or content of the story, but storytellers cannot read from a piece of paper. Anyone and everyone is welcome to share.

At the first meeting, we’ll plan for the first story-share on Thursday, December 8th at 8, in the 200 Church Lounge.

Date: Wednesday, November 30
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Usdan Multiporpoise Room
Links: Facebook event, page
Cost: fo’ free

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