Give your input for the Middletown Bike Proposal!

Gabriela De Golia ’13 wants to see you riiide:

The upcoming grant proposal for a bikeway in Middletown is an exciting opportunity to make Middletown more bike friendly and bike safe! As of now, the proposed bikeway would connect Wesleyan with other parts of Middletown and the surrounding areas. It would include mostly “off road” trails, with helpful signage, curb cuts, street crossings, and bike storage lockers at Spear Park at the corner of Main and Williams St.

If you are interested in learning more about the bikeway proposal and giving some input, there will be a meeting tomorrow, November 29,  with Middletown’s Director of Planning, Conservation and Development, Bill Warner, who will present the proposal.. Public input on the details of the plan and support for the project is being sought.

This meeting will take place in Room 208 of City Hall, 245 DeKoven Drive, at 5:30 PM.

Ride onnnnnn!

Date:   Nov. 29
Time:   5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Place:   Room 208 of City Hall, 245 DeKoven Drive (behind the New England Emporium building)

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4 thoughts on “Give your input for the Middletown Bike Proposal!

  1. anon

    As a Middletown resident, I would be happy to pay a little more in taxes for a bike-friendly community. 

    I applaud Wesleyan students and Middletown residents for becoming involved in local politics.  I see a lot of students volunteering in the community and working to make Middletown a better place.   And Wesleyan students do end up living in Middletown – I am married to one of them!

  2. Anon

    Anyone thought of who would have to pay for this little bike path?  Middletown Residents, of course… at least the ones who pay taxes (so Wes students would be conveniently excluded).  This is my beef with students who become involved in local politics:  you get as many of us to vote as possible in a place where you live for only 4 years (and not even year round) and you push your liberal yuppie BS on people who don’t want it, and let THEM foot the bill.   I bet you won’t even still be in Middletown by the time this bike path is built, but for some reason you think you have the right to shove it down these people’s throats.  I’ll keep voting absentee, and I’ll settle for riding my bike without a fancy path.

    1. Derp

      This is a proposal by various Middletown groups to the Common Council, not a Wesleyan initiative, you dumbass. Hence “If you are interested in learning more about the bikeway proposal and giving some input…” It is only being proposed because there is a possibility of obtaining a federal grant from the DOT to pay for it. Why not spend 30 seconds learning about the issue before posting your stupid vitriol on an entry that you clearly didn’t even read?

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