Squash Courts Livestream, Yeah!

Creeeeeeeeeeeepy! But it's alright, right?Are you excited for the new squash court building renovation? (does the building have a name yet? geez!)  The Career Center, one of the future tenants of the building, sure is.  Today’s Facebook update at 2:16PM:

moving, moving, moving was the talk of our staff meeting this morning…getting excited for our new space!!

That’s not all though, there’s a link…to a livestream video feed of the building that appears to be from a camera on the roof of Usdan.  Check it out if you’re curious and want to see what the construction workers are up to.

Here’s a refresh: the Career Center will be on the first and second floors, while Art History and the COL will be sharing the third floor.  The first floor is going to have classrooms.  Here’s the floor plan for the first floor:

Squash Courts Renovation, First FloorTo see the rest of the floor plans, click here.

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