Next Big Wes Thing: Fort Lean

If you keep up with the usual alt music blogs and you haven’t yet heard of Wesleyan affiliated outfit, Fort Lean, you probably will soon. Keenan Mitchell ’09, formerly of Bottle Up and Go, fronts the band, bringing some vocal chops and live show charisma. Attendee’s of their set earlier this semester at Eclectic with Peace Museum can attest.

They’ve gotten press from SPIN’s blog as well as Stereogum, and recently released a video for their catchy single, “Beach Holiday.” Check it out after the jump.

While we’re at it: Das Racist on Conan.

UPDATE: Zach Fried ’08, Jake Aron ’08, Will Runge ’09, and Sam Ubl’ 08 comprise the rest of the band! Ethan Berger ’10 directed the damn video.

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5 thoughts on “Next Big Wes Thing: Fort Lean

  1. westech

    wow… awesome video and dope song..

    big ups dudes

    i’d like to support wes alums.. where can I buy their album?

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