WESCR1B$, Part Two: Lo Rise A5

While you’re studying for finals and getting free vibrators, find some time to send us pictures of your WE$CR1B! If you call your room “The Command Center ;),” we want to see why!
Ethan Young ’13 sends in lovely pictures of his softly-lit Lo Rise apartment (the above picture is of the tastefully decorated and nicely rug-ed common room). 
[nggallery id=100]

Young’s description of the upstairs (no need to be apologetic for the lighting, your room still looks cozy):

Excuse the terrible lighting from the flash on my camera, my room normally has very nice warm lamp lighting, I swear. Got that fake potted plant for $4 from the Laser Tag place right before they closed down. RIP. All paintings and photos on the walls are either from Goodwill or from my great uncle’s old house in Knoxville TN. Those are all pictures of distant relatives on the right, I have no idea who any of them are, but I love the pictures. My bed is sort of pushed into the clothes hanger area so as to create the most space out of the horribly designed lo rise rooms. And that’s fake ivy with christmas lights in them, I was super excited when I found out such a product existed.

Thanks, Ethan! Is YOUR room this softly lit?

If you think your room/house/cave is awesome, or you’re at least a little proud of it, then e-mail staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with some photos from your phones, fancy SLRs, or Dell webcams (!) with a brief description of your living space. We want to know why you are living the way you do! 
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