Grooms // Slothbear // Strange Shapes

 From Rachel Pincus ’13:

GROOMS: “Grooms’ 2009 debut, Rejoicer… recalls the shambling rawness of early Modest Mouse; for the follow-up, Prom, Grooms dive headlong into the sweeping erotic confusion that permeated the dreamier sphere of 90s alt-rock.” –Pitchfork

SLOTHBEAR: “A Slothbear is what.. you get when you mix some mammals and paint in Staten Island which forms the release they call Cant[e]r On…  This release is a wonderful dark trip of texture, mirrors and classic indie guitar maneuvers. .” – Review Stalker

STRANGE SHAPES: “Strange Shapes is a band from Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Formed in early 2009, the group has spent the last year assembling their style – twangy asymmetric power-pop.” –Vanity Imprint

Date:   Saturday, Dec. 3
Time:   9:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Place:  Earth House

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