Act in a senior thesis film!

Looking hot in your Great Gatsby costume?  You got 1920s style? Wanna be a star?

A period-epic senior film thesis demands that you come show your costume for the shooting of a great ball sequence in Wadsworth Mansion this Friday afternoon, December 9th. Champagne, masks, jazz = the greatest moment in Wesleyan film history. Meet in the Exley Lobby at 12:30 if you don’t have a car, and we’ll pick you up from there–it’s just that easy!

If you wish to revel and dance, the production wants you—it takes a village to build an epic, and this ball is looking for 100+ people to make this film sizzle with 1920’s hot heat.  Every body with every costume is needed.  Come dressed formally, and 1920’s to the very best of your ability (see here for quick and easy reference!).

Please email akhandros(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you can either participate or lend costumes, or with any questions.

Date: Friday, December 9th
Time: 12:30-5:00 PM
Place: Wadsworth Mansion (or the Exley Lobby if you have no method of transportation)

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