Rob Wohl ’11 Occupies Russian Television

Rob’s message to the Wesleyan student body: “Drop out of college and occupy something.”

Given how much attention we’ve given to Wes alums commenting on the Occupy movement from afar, it’s nice to hear from one recent grad taking a direct role in the movement itself, with scathing conviction and a trademark look of rage I haven’t seen since Lightning Bolt occupied Eclectic.

In between his day job as a research fellow at Medicare and Social Insurance Works in DC, former Argus overlord and part-time Rocktimist Rob Wohl ’11 seems to have taken an active role with the Occupy DC Action Team. Earlier this week, Wohl appeared on RT, a prominent Russian news channel, discussing the current state of economic affairs, the future of Occupy Wall Street, and whether or not OWS warrants comparison with the Tea Party Movement. “We will do what’s necessary to interrupt this system,” says Wohl on cable television. “We want the members of Congress to know that we demand meaningful, powerful, overwhelming change in this country.”

As Ezra Silk ’10 puts it over at America Occupied: “Rob, I knew that one day I would see you play the revolutionary on Russian television. I just never knew it would happen this soon.” (Wohl also contributed a piece to Silk’s blog a few days prior.) Here’s the video interview:


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10 thoughts on “Rob Wohl ’11 Occupies Russian Television

  1. Former Classmate

    Ha yes! I also knew this was bound to happen. Well done man.

    Mr. Gorbachev, (don’t) tear down this Wohl!

  2. former classmate

    Rob, you’re awesome! I’m so glad that this is where you’ve ended up putting your enthusiasm and abilities.

    1. Anon

      I’m pretty sure it’s not a propaganda channel…it’s more of an international channel, like Al Jazeera is for Qatar and the BBC is for the UK and Press TV is for Iran.

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