The Gift (2003)

Hey all! Zakface Kirwood ’12 would like you all to attend this event:

This Wednesday, December 7th for World AIDS Month, the Queer Resource Center, ASHA, and Planned Parenthood of Southern New England are sponsoring a screening of the 2003 documentary “The Gift,” which addresses deliberate HIV infection in the gay male community, or “bugchasing.” After the film, we will discuss themes of community, isolation, denial, sexuality, and death in relation to the AIDS pandemic with special guests from the local community.

Date: Wednesday, December 7th
Time: 6:30PM
Place: PAC004

PS: Zakface Kirwood ’12 also included a much cooler yet less safe for work picture to include with this post; in the interest of keeping Wesleying an Olin-appropriate browsing site, I’ve included the image used by the filmmaker after the cut, if you’re curious about it:

Totes way cooler.

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