CannonTalk?! with the infamous Douglas Cannon

From Douglas Cannon (yes, the cannon hirself emailed us):

DouglasCannon is back.
DouglasCannon wants to speak to you.
DouglasCannon says, come hither, and I’ve missed you, Wesleyan.

The Douglas Cannon has historically been a powerful symbol in Wesleyan history and has been involved in a variety of historical events and pranks around the country. For a short history, see Noel Garrett’s recent post on the Class of 2015 blog, and for more, see this online exhibit from Olin’s Special Collections and Archives. Douglas is going to be available to speak with Wesleyan students via video chat tonight, so start brainstorming questions you would like to ask a retired military weapon that has been an integral part of the history of your very own university.

Are you wondering, like me, why Douglas has chosen to come forward now? Do you think ze has some kind of role in the future of Wesleyan? Where do you think ze’ll be broadcasting from? Is ze just, like the rest of us, procrastinating starting hir final papers? Start discussing in the comments if you have ideas.

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 pm
Place: Your computer, wherever you are. Get in touch with a particularly animated piece of metal and the lore of Wesleyan!
Will be posted later, as soon as Doug provides hir cyber whereabouts

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