Miami Heat Produces Videos, Gears Up For NBA Season

Miami Heat, the spirited post-Awesomefest noise-rock act that inspired glowing consumer testimonies for its raucous debut MuHo demos last spring, now has two music videos to its name: “Shock” (featuring footage from Gleaming the Cube) and “You Said Something” (featuring footage from the Apollo Program).

Miami Heat is Zain Alam ’13, Dylan Bostick ’13, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, and Ethan Cohen ’13. Bostick recently made the vids in between straight-broin’ in Bologna on the daily. He’ll be back in the Nutmeg State soon enough, though, and Miami Heat will be back and sloppy as ever, just in time for the new NBA season. Here’s a Bandcamp link; click past the jump for video embeds.


Here are images from Miami Heat’s performance in upstairs Eclectic during Senior Week:
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