Support WESU During the 7th Annual Winter Holiday Pledge Drive!

The Seventh Annual WESU Winter Holiday Pledge Drive is underway! The goal for this year’s 8-day drive is to raise $10,000 in listener support to sustain operating expenses throughout the coming year.

Financial support during this pledge drive will help ensure that WESU continues to grow and operate as a creative vehicle for partnership between the Wesleyan University community, the people of the greater Connecticut River Valley, and beyond. Donations will directly benefit WESU and help to ensure local, community-based programs and alternative news and music continue to have a home on the radio dial.

Donors are also eligible to receive awesome WESU thank-you gifts! For $40, you can get a WESU winter hat or long-sleeved shirt. For $50, you can get a $25 gift certificate to Middletown Framing. And each night, the highest pledger of the day will receive a gift certificate to a different awesome Middletown business!

To show your support for WESU, please donate now online, or call 860-685-7700 during the drive, which runs until December 12th. For more information on how you can support WESU, contact General Manager Ben Michael, generalmanager(at)wesufm(dot)org or 860-658-7707.

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