Lift Your Head

A Senior Thesis Performance by Sarah Wolfe ’12 presented by the Theater Department.

Lift Your Head is a retelling of EuripidesThe Trojan Women, a classic widely viewed as the greatest anti-war play. Using various modern adaptations and translations of the narrative, Lift Your Head tells the story of Hecuba, her daughters, and Helen at the end of the Trojan War. This performance examines the classic play’s relevance throughout history as an anti-war and feminist piece, drawing from the texts of playwrights including Ellen McLaughlin, Charles Mee, Jean Paul Sartre and Karen Hartman.

Pick up tickets at the CFA box office the day of the performance. The show runs about 45 minutes.

Date:   Dec. 8, Dec. 9, Dec. 10
Time:   8:00 PM
Place:  ’92 Theater
Cost:   Free!

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