Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Absent Toast, Wesleyan’s RHPS company invites YOU to get your sexy on and relax for a bit right before reading week begins. 

We would like, if we may, to take you on a strange journey- a journey through the craziest night in the lives of the newly engaged Brad and Janet. After a flat tire halts their trip to see an old science teacher, the couple stumbles upon Dr. Frank-n-Furter’s castle, filled with servants, groupies, party guests, and his very own live experiment. Come see the campiest, sexiest horror parody movie this side of Denton! Absent Toast, Wesleyan’s very own Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast performs  the midnight cult classic, with full audience partici…pation.

Sexy dress highly encouraged.

Date: December 9th
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Powell Family Cinema (Center for Film Studies rm.190
Cost: Free!!

Cast details after the jump…

MC: Daniel Debonis
Trixie: Jocelyn Spencer
Criminologist: Alex Sida
Janet Weiss: Sarah Marmon
Brad Majors: Chelsea Goldsmith
Riff Raff: Tennessee Mowrey
Magenta: Samara Garrett
Columbia: Lavontria Miche Aaron
Frank-N-Furter: Michaela Tolman
Rocky Horror: Jocelyn Spencer
Eddie: Bianca Treto
Dr. Everett Von Scott: Bianca Treto
Trannies: Libby Lazare, Claire Palmer, Avery Peyton, Dan Storfer
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