WSA Statements: Syed Ali ’13, Nicole Updegrove ’14, and GJ ‘420

This week we put out an open call for WSA candidate statements. Thus far, we’ve received two. That’s, like, less than a fifth of the beard submissions we’ve received. (Post forthcoming, I swear.) What’s going on? It’s not too late: if you’re running for WSA, feel free to send us a candidate statement at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

Here’s what we’ve received so far, in alphabetical order. As is our policy, Wesleyan will compile the candidate statements we receive, but will not endorse any particular candidate, with the possible exception of Giant Joint, who is out and about in the Twittersphere, partying like it’s 1969, with no vicious attack ads in sight. GJ’s been lying pretty low since hir 2009 election upset, we’re optimistic about a comeback.

Syed Ali ’13 writes:

You wanted change, and you got some by voting for me the first time. I’ve devoted countless hours to making Wesleyan a better place for all of us.  Here’s just some of what I’ve worked on.

As Information Technology Coordinator/Chair and prior:

  • Tech Committee: As chair, transformed it into one of the most effective
  • Internet: increased bandwidth, looked for weak access points
  • WSA Website: redesigned it, putting what matters first
  • LaundryView: next semester, check which machines are free and when

And beyond:

  • Students’ Rights: fought the housing policy change, this year’s blackout reaction
  • Communication: new site, new strategies with Facebook & Twitter
  • Events: helped organize Movie Night on Foss, Middletown Mayoral Debate

If you re-elect me, I’ll plan to work on these things and more:

  • Media Literacy Workshop: writing isn’t the only skill you need
  • Programming Contest: involving students, putting Wesleyan on the forefront
  • Mobile Apps: advocate for new capabilities that students want
You can view more at and please vote for me at  Thanks!

Nicole Updegrove ’14 writes:

As a writing tutor, I can no longer read a paper without striving to solve its problems, both grammatical and content-related. I can’t underline problems in red and say, “Fix this;” moreover, I won’t scribble down “C+” and declare myself done.

As a Wesleyan student, that’s how I’ve been trained to view the world, this country, and more immediately, this school. The changes I want to make on the Assembly next semester:

  • Studying: At least one (student-staffed) library should be open 24/7.
  • Jobs: We need more on-campus jobs, regardless of work-study status.
  • A (student-moderated) online forum dedicated to WeSpeaks and responses would allow greater student announcements and dialogues.
  • Internships: Wes lists only about 500 recent summer internships and jobs Wes students have filled that might hire again. There are 2,800 of us.
  • WesBubble: Get paired with a recent Wes grad in your major to advise you about the field.

You can vote in the Winter 2011 At-Large Election here. Polls are open until Friday. Again, if you’re running for WSA, send us your candidate statement at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

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