Gag Reflex: The Reading Week Show

Oh young Wesleyanites, let down your flowy, knotted hair, and have no fear!  Gag Reflex is here to turn your troubles into laughter. Stressed about those papers?  Of course you are!  Afraid you’re not going to pass your exams?  You probably won’t! So put your puffy-eyed, amphetamine-tweaked nights of despair on pause and forget your worries with the generous help of that world-renowned troupe of sexy fools, Gag Reflex.  (And, as a bonus for you French majors, Sarkozy, the great codpiece, will be present!  Though he will likely be too busy wiping Merkel’s saliva from his soggy teats to answer any questions.)
DATE: Friday, December 9th
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: WestCo Cafe

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