VD Blacks Out / Cleans Up

The Fine Fellows and Gentle Gallatins of Vocal Debauchery write:

Come see us as we unveil the “New VD”* in our final show of the semester. We’re Wesleyan’s favorite and only a cappella / sketch comedy hybrid group, and now we’re prettier,** smarter,*** and we have better grades****.

*Nothing has changed, and don’t confuse us with the New Group

**Applies only to Solomon

***A blatant lie

****In Debauchery 101 Bitchez

  • WHERE?: Butt C Lounge
  • WHEN?: Tomorrow (SATURDAY, December 10th) @ 6pm
  • WHO/WHY/HOW?: Facebook event.
VD is: Kenny Feder ’12Chelsea Goldsmith ’13Ben Tweed ’13Solomon Billinkoff ’14Michael Deck ’14Leada Fuller ’14Emily Jones ’14Matthew Krakaur ’14Cade Leebron ’14Lisle Winston ’14Glenn Cantave ’15, and Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15.
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  1. Xfortherex

    damn the star thing isn’t supposed to be backwards. Reverse that in your mind. ***mind_reverse**

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